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A Little Something Celestia Taught Me... by TurboSolid

Yay! Another critique!

First, for the vision and originality I gave 3.5 stars. I feel like this isn't extremely original, but it makes up for that in epicness and impact...

Technique: I feel like this is one of your best yet and I say that because it clearly shows you are starting to develop a personal style. You are letting go of outlines for the sake of realism and it's turning out rather well.

Impact: the impact of this is rather striking. I feel like that is the strength of this piece. While it has a maybe boring portrait style centered composition it does manage to grab your attention. And that is mainly to do with the face that she is looking directly at the viewer.
The colourwork and shading is also very striking.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
51 out of 51 deviants thought this was fair.


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