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The Hero Equestria Deserves by TurboSolid

Time to write some critique!

As you wished it is my turn to give some cool advice. I have choosen this comic because I found some small errors in it that I wanted to discuss here.

First let me start of with the vision: clearly you envisioned a ponified scene, but I loved how it ends in a proper punchline wich is funny and cute.

Originality. I have never seen this combo before, but I'm sure it has been done at some point. But I still gave you 5 stars because to me this was new and you executed it perfectly.

Technique. Here's where I'd like to adress some errors. Eventhough the overall piece looks and feels amazing, there are some small points here and there that I've spotted while taking a closer look. For example the glow around the moon holds has an eraser stroke in it. In the last panel Tia's legs seem to stop in midair as the gradient that tries to cover them isn't sufficient.
Over the whole piece there are little dots and spots that you've overlooked wich makes it look kinda sloppy and that takes away the attention from the aspects that really matter.

As far as I can tell you seem to be stuck inbetween a style with or without outlines. At this point I would suggest trying to leave outlines for what they are, as your latest pieces were made without them. And those came out rather well.

Lastly, impact. Very good. Last panel holds a funny punchline. Thing that bothers me in the last panel is Tia's text. I feel like it should need a speach bubble as it kinda fades into the background now.
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TurboSolid Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm horrible at spotting details like that. Thank you so much for this! I should always send my stuff to you for a final check up. Thanks for the critique! :D
Dori-to Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Yes, you should.
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