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That's What She Said by 10art1

Sooo, time for a proper request from your art teacher.

Starting with vision. Remember how I said I didn't have anything to do with the jokes in this comic? Well, I take it back. But all glory to you! After reading this a 100 times throughout the fabrication process, it may have lost some of its funnyness, but the majority of the people seem to enjoy it, so good job!

Originality: old joke, known characters but you managed to pull it all together. Keeping in mind that I am a culprit to this I give it one star less.

Technique: wow, you have come a long way. From your first Dashie sketch to this... I take my tacohat off to that. And as I said, you don't have to copy other people when you take the time to discover your own style. And just look at that telescope!

Impact: Last panel punch line and a uranus joke, enough said. What gets me most is the cute Dashie faces throughout the whole thing, wich adds to the impact quite a lot and keeps your attention in the form of a healthy dose of d'aaaw.
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55 out of 60 deviants thought this was fair.


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