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June 20, 2012
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Epic Draw-Off - Ain't no sunshine when she's gone by Dori-to Epic Draw-Off - Ain't no sunshine when she's gone by Dori-to

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Comic entry by :icondori-to::

Comic entry by :iconmyminiatureequine::

Start - June 20th - 16:00 GMT
End - June 27th - 16:00 GMT

Rainbow Dash is sleeping through the usual pony pet play date when her friends ask her where she left het pet tortoise, Tank. She thinks he's in his usual spot, but suddenly she remembers that they went flying together and in the rush of pulling of her daily flight routine she completely forgot about the little guy. Tank anxiously trying to keep up with Rainbow ran out of magic power to propel him forward and stranded in a cold and lonely place...

What started out as a small idea for a random short comic has turned out into this epic project.

Other than my opponent, who made a huge 47 panel comic, I decided to focus merely on the quality of my panels. I approached every single on of them as if they were single pieces. My aim was to make each of them good enough to be a wallpaper.

Another Idea I tried to apply to this was a more 'film-like' experience. I tried to do this by making an extremely long last panel. When you scroll down it looks as if the camera was 'panning down'.

Lastly, I would like to thank :icon10art1: for supporting me during the proces, and :iconmyminiatureequine: for being a fair opponent, you guys are awesome!
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This is really a touching piece. It reminds me of several sad moment of my life: the death of my grandpa, the death of my dogs, having to move away from my friends, I've had my fair share of losses. Honestly, I didn't think much of my relationships with them until they were, well gone. Just as you wrote on this strip. In other words, I've felt like how Rainbow Dash must be feeling during her realization.

Besides that, this is a pretty fan-made comic strip that I think would get some real pizzazz with a distinctive artstyle. Why not try drawing the eyes different than from the show, or putting more detail into their coats of fur or the backgrounds, or tweaking their facial expressions or something?
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
34 out of 39 deviants thought this was fair.

I know this is meant for critiques, so I'll get to that at the end, but first,

thank you so much for your comment.

I wouldn't have been able get mine done before my ship date if I didn't have someone like you to be my challenger. Working on Epic Draw-Off was crazy, but getting to this moment was all worth it.

I really want you to win, especially since I feel I had an unfair advantage, because I probably started the comic a bit earlier than you, and you still had school. I even had extra time to make another comic, which spiked my page views right before the voting began.
I'm also quite curious about what you would make me draw for the embarrassing request.

My very biased review ahead:

Some people didn't really get the comic, but for me, the message was simple, and I understood it.

I haven't seen many comics about Tank at all, or at least, none which made me remember them. The show has some inconsistencies, and it often brings in and then throws away characters, but you went and developed this further, and instead of doing something expected or trying to excuse the show, you dared to make everyone sad.

The artwork is excellent. The line work is clean, the shading is smooth, and the coloring is nicely done. It's better than mine, is the popular consensus, and I concur. The final long panel panning technique worked perfectly the second time I read the comic. It feels just like something from a movie.

The only problem with this comic, though, is it feels like a significant portion of the story is missing. The omitted detail leaves some viewers wondering, and this perplexity detracts a bit from the impact.

Goddammit, now make a sequel with an explanation and a heartwarming ending!


...Eh hem. When I'm gone for six months, you better start catching up to me, or even better, surpass me! Then, we can have a rematch! Next time, it'll be more fair.
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