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July 22, 2012
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Dash Squadron by Dori-to Dash Squadron by Dori-to
This one is a very special thank you piece for :icon10art1:

He's been helping me with almost everything and has been an awesome friend! We recently started a collaboration as Tacohat Comics and you can find the background story here: [link] On top of that, he is making me a Fluttershy plushie so I just had to do something back...

It had to be something with a badass Rainbow Dash and aviation. This gave me the opportunity to try something new and I added this Mig 29.

When I was a kid I used to read a lot of French and Belgian comicbooks and I always tried to reproduce the planes and cars in the same style, but I never quite managed. I feel like I've finally reached the level of skill I wanted back then and drawing this has made me very proud.

For anyone who knows where this is from, you get a special yay from me, because this one's really tough to find.

DON'T bug me about the fact that Rainbow Dash could fly faster with her own wings than she could with a fighterjet, just enjoy the great combination of ponies and planes!
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Alright now that I woke up from my awesomeness induced coma, a critique is the least I can do.

The vision for this is outstanding! The jet and Rainbow Dash blows me away. The background is a beautiful hazy sky and the ground is a golden tarmac. Just like the ones in Soviet Russia ;-;

This is very original. I have seen a few Rainbow Dash fighter pilots, and I have even drawn one, but this is totally different. She is outside in the air inspecting it with a custom flight suit, jet, and helmet. You can even see all the mechanical parts and it even is on chocks! Now you have a pitot tube on both sides but i'll let that drop :)

As always your technique is spot-on. Another work that is surely destined on EqD. You have your patented scratched highlights into her hair and unusual shadow work. No real blatant mistakes.

I think my reaction speaks for itself. I really appreciate this and when I first saw this I wanted to cry it was so beautiful. Heck next time I'll print this picture out and take it to the Air Force base to show all my cadets and officers how cool my friend is ^.^ I may be biased but the impact is a perfect 5 stars.
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Holy hell... this is simply incredible. The detail and custom touches really make this stand out.

I am especially impressed with what you did with her mane and tail, and the coloring within. With careful use of shading, and without the lines separating the different colors, it adds a touch not often seen. You have given this a look similar to the show, but with a more realistic feel to it. Where most who attempt this fail, you have succeeded most excellently.

On the plane, I did notice that you have RD's cutie mark painted on the nose. That is a subtle touch that blends in nicely, and when you take the time to look for such details, finding them makes it that much better. Also, nice choice of planes. The only other two planes I would choose for her would be the F-14 and A/F-18.

20/20 stars! XD
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NazrulHellcatTanker Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member
err what plane is that? i forgot lol
RainBowDashEpicArt Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it looks alot like an f15 eagle but it looks like there is a twist in it with an f16 xD
NazrulHellcatTanker Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member
yeah that shape confused me
efmi Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
Wow, nicely done 
Dori-to Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Student General Artist
Thank you!
Silnev Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
"Talk to me goose." I swear to god every time I played with these two guys, all they would do is fly the jets and spurt top gun quotes. 
NCbrony Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014
highway to the dangerzone!
SnapCentino Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That plane is so beautiful, I just might cry.
StormAlchemist15 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
This is me. I love flying, and flying FAST? Don't even try to beat me at my own game.
BrutalityInc Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
"It was only a matter of time, I suppose, before these big metal birds catches up with pegasi when it comes to flying. Most pegasi aren't special like me - when pegasi fly, they can get exhausted, their wings and magic could only propel them, and their bodies have limits when it comes to physical stress, and don't get me started on how many years, DECADES, it takes just to train them to their best potential.

Jet fighters? As long as they are well fueled and maintained, they can never get tired, their engines could let them reach supersonic in matter of seconds, their metal frame can withstand g-force magnitudes greater that would had pulped even the Wonderbolts, and a pilot only needs 250 HOURS minimum of training to use one of them, and they could be potentially ANYONE - earthponies, unicorns, griffons, changelings, you name it.

And they don't even have to use magic! This is a piece of pure technology, countless subsystems working in perfect harmony. 

As for replacing airships and pegasi guards in air combat, the old-school ponies would say their missiles and bullets can't lock on to something as agile and small as pegasi, but they don't have to - not when their trailing shockwaves alone is enough to rip any living creature apart, just by flying close enough. The only creature I know who could do that is me, and even I get the shudders thinking about going hoof-to-hoof with these things in a battle. No weather magic we throw at them can even dent these things; we can get ourselves killed with magical overload throwing hail and lightning at them, and it would probably just dent them AT BEST. 

Anyone with enough factories and know-how can produce them. It seems that the skies won't just belong to birds, dragons, griffons and us anymore! And believe me, considering how good they are, it's worth all the expenses!

So to your questions why I supported their development? Many ponies think I'm the best flier in all of Equestria, and that there won't be any pony better than me ever again. I'll be modest here and say I wouldn't really agree with that, but there is a point in there: we pegasi, we can only get so good at flying with our own effort, but at a certain point, we just can't get any better. These jets? They had already been able to fly higher, faster and longer than most ponies now, and if the eggheads who designed and build them come up with better materials and engines, there's no limit to how much better they can go.

Our era as fliers is coming to an end. One day, we're all going to be redundant, but rather than mope about it, I want to be part of the future. Call it our legacy as fliers of old to the new ones who would ride these things to the air.

Who knows? the skies may be the limit to us, but maybe these things can go beyond that."

--- Wonderbolt Captain Rainbow Dash, test pilot of Equestria's first production-model supersonic jet fighter, to journalists on the tarmac at the maiden test flight. 
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